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AU: Being Niall Horan’s girlfriend.

“I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl.”

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1D makes it to X-Factor 2010 Live Shows - 1D wins their first 2012 VMA

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Reblog if these 5 boys genuinely make you happy.


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Dear Perez, 

Sleep with one motherfuckin eye open.

xoxo Directioners.

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Sure, they have an effect on us as their fangirls, but we have a bigger effect on them. Think about that next time you wanna say something.

Directioners: Caroline is gross, omfg what are you doing Harry, stop it!
Harry: Our breakup was mutual.
Directioners: Omg Danielle it's a weave, you're not good enough for him...
Liam: Please stop the hate, it hurts me to see her cry so often.
Directioners: Eleanor is definetly a beard and an attention whore, definetly getting paid, I KNOW Larry is real. Why can't they just break up, Lou's obviously gay. Him and Harry are going to be together. OMfg they touched, they looked at each other. They blinked at the same time.
Louis: It's really starting to hurt my relationship with Eleanor and Harry and I can't be ourselves in public anymore.
Directioners: Ugh his teeth are ugly, I don't get why he's in the band...
Niall: Getting my braces off in six months!
Directioners: You're a terrorist. Why do you keep getting tattoo's?! You completely forgot about Perrie, nice one Zayn. Our little terrorist...
Zayn: Goodbye twitter.

Part 10 is up!



The fandom right now;

Liam right now;


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sorry.. it had to be done :’)

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